Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Well, it's official! After many hours on a really lovely airplane (only outdone by the really lovely flight attendants in carmine red full-body tights) and a brief stop through customs (I didn't even have to say anything, just hand them a passport and look non-threatening), I arrived in Vienna! The city is beautiful, although viewed through a slight haze of jet lag. We went for a walk after arriving at the hotel, and in a matter of hours I saw more statues and cathedrals than I have my entire life. The attention to detail in every column, every lamppost, every flowerbox; as if the city had been crafted by thousands of tiny artisans, each caring specifically and pedantically to their own tiny corner of the Stadt. Needless to say, I took dozens of shamelessly tourist-y photos, which will be soon posted.

But, one final thing, because everyone loves lists...

Top Five Things Learned Today:
1. Playing the recorder can be a lucrative career (rejoice Jamie!), as per the street performers in Michaelsplatz.
2. Brie cheese tastes inexplicably good for breakfast.
3. Pattered tights are the new pants, apparently.
4. Look up, when you walk, always. The view will be so much the better.
5. Citybike= Pure Genius.

Bis spater!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In preparation of Adventure...

Hello! After getting a few proverbial elbows-to-the-ribs by good friends, I've decided to start a blog to document my upcoming three months spent cavorting through Vienna! Sooooo....this is it!
A caveat: (and yes, I just wanted to use the word "caveat" in a sentence today, thank you very much) the name may be subjet to change, as I don't intend to permanently subject my readers to the associated images of Frankenstein's monster, the (ex) Cookie Monster, that weird furry guy from the Muppets (or is that Animal?) etc. every time they want to look up a few photos of Vienna. In my defense, though, choosing a blog title this morning was unreasonably hard! Sitting here in the immaculate and air conditioned comfort of Baxter Memorial Library, I tried to rummage through my recent memories for something flashy, quippy, inclusive; the three-word summation of my literary personality. "The Monster Nocturnes" surfaced as a projection of my suspicions that the majority of my blogging will be late at night, the restless hours before bed when I'm pulled between temptations of both pantry and Microsoft Word. (The runner up for the title was, incidentally, The Salsa Nocturnes", another indication of my usual late-night activity, many thanks to my roommate's amazing culinary skills.) And "Monster"--the nickname given to me by my freshman year roommate-- referencing my laughable inability to hold actual conversation after midnight. So, hopefully, while I can't verbally articulate in the evening, the Nocturnes will at least prompt me to put some scattered adventures into writing!

So, essentially, I'm stoked. I'll write again next week, but from a bedroom in Ledererhof, Wien!