Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Guilty Post-script...

So, you know how people have that little gadget thing on the side of their blog that has a handy little photo of the book they're reading? I wanted to make one. So I started. And then I realized that it would take

because as an English major and as a student who commutes at least 4 times a year on airplanes, I've started wayyyyy too many books.

So, here's what I'm reading right now. (Sans pictures, we'll chalk that up to laziness.)

A Good Man is Hard to Find- Flannery O'Connor. Given to me by my Hawaiian creative writing teacher, it's a spectacular collection of short stories.

The Hungry Ocean--Linda Greenlaw. Autobiography of a female swordfishing captain who captained the sister boat of the Andrea Gail, of "Perfect Storm" fame. Super interesting book, with too few technical drawings for those of us who aren't avid swordfishers.

The Count of Monte Cristo--Alexandre Dumas. It's been my airplane book for the past three years, and I think I just need to start over with it. Dang.

Breakfast of Champions--Kurt Vonnegut. As much as I love Vonnegut, I'm taking a moral pause on this one. I need a breather from him sometimes. But his writing is snapping and precise, like Fitzgerald. Mmmm.

To The Lighthouse--Virginia Woolf. Amazing, with more character depth than possibly any other book I've ever read. Also assigned for a British literature class, so I need to have it finished up before that final on Wednesday....

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man--James Joyce...also amazing. Also needs to be done by Wednesday. Dang.

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter--Carson McCullers. A personal favorite, it's so tastefully and powerfully written, sortof a mix of Barbara Kingsolver and "Winesburg, Ohio." I'm in the last 20 pages, and just need to finish 'er up, to cross it off the list.

The Book of Mormon--inspired prophets. Oldie but goody, I think. ;)

So. What's on your list?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is What I Miss Sometimes

my family...

(all of them)

the white mountains

my parents, and their great sense of food

Ferry Beach, a 10 minute drive

But! This is what I have:

laughter! (and BEAUTIFUL women)



and homemade ginger beer, among other things.

Oh life. :)